Hey everyone,

The update is here! Finally after way more work than I had anticipated, the update has been deployed to the play store. At the time of writing it still hasn’t been flushed out to everyone, but be patient, it’ll get to you. So what has changed since last time? Well, here’s a brief overview…

The village has been populated

Previously the village shops were empty and you couldn’t even enter them. Now the village has been revamped and you can go inside each of the stores, there’s also some seasonal decoration as well as a new respawn point to the west.


The shops also have signs (thank Egon for these)

Shops have been added

Currently you can only buy things and not sell, consider this the first iteration of the system with selling coming at a later date. By popular demand training weapons have been added to the weaponsmiths inventory, these have 1 attack so are ideal for killing things slowly and working on your skills.


The weapon shop sells training weapons as well as some other basics


To celebrate halloween you will all be able to wear a pumpkin head for the next two weeks! In addition I’ve added a load of new colours and shades, expect new hairstyles and back items soon.


More colours and hairstyles / hats coming soon!

New monsters and areas

One of the big thigns that has been a fairly consistent issue in the game so far is the size of the world and the lack of hunting areas to choose from. I’ve started to rectify this by adding more maps and hunting areas, as well as redoing some of the old ones that weren’t designed very well (I’m looking at you, cyclops forest). While I was at it, I added some new much stronger monsters specifically designed to be hunted by groups of players, they reward a large amount of experience and a good amount of currency so if you can get enough people together they will be great for the higher level players. There’s a couple of rare new items dropped by them too so keep your eye out for those 😉


Water Wyrms are extremely strong, taking on 3 alone is not advised…

And that’s that! Or is it?

Not exactly, here’s a bullet point overview of the main code changes I have made:

  • Large scale back-end rewrite of how Items and NPCs are stored
  • Complete rewrite of my editing tools, I can now manage game content much easier
  • Basic shop system implemented, more to come on this soon
  • Training weapons added
  • Mana potions added
  • Significantly expanded world, many more hunting grounds, existing areas reworked
  • New monsters
  • A few new items
  • Boss area removed, it was just a bit of fun anyway
  • Lots of new colours added to customise your character
  • Respawn points moved to the village
  • Pushing now takes 2 seconds instead of 3
  • Trades now count stacks when calculating weight
  • The magic equipment stat now correctly displays
  • Switching targets as one dies no longer can cause loss of your target focus
  • Monsters no longer heal
  • Additional GM and CM commands added, we can now teleport among other things
  • Ability to set a global experience modifier for realm events

In addition to these changes we are celebrating my birthday (though be it a bit late), so monsters are currently dropping Birthday Cake rather than meats! To really make it feel like a celebration though, the game will be rewarding double experience points until Monday! I’m sorry this update has taken so long but it really was a lot of work to rewrite the back-end storage, now that’s out of the way we can get back to our much more frequent feature additions.

Cheers everyone!

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Hello everyone,

I’m posting today to tell you about something I am trying, how you can support the game’s development, and how it might affect the future of Mirage. So, firstly, I’ve been asked a lot if Mirage will ever have any pay-to-win elements. Small transactions of real money in return for currency, items, etc. The short answer is no, the long answer is nooooooooo (just kidding). I have always hated games that let you gain an advantage over other players in exchange for money. That isn’t a game, it’s a scam, and it’s something Mirage will never have – if it came to a choice of having the game online with pay-to-win microtransactions or going bankrupt and having to take the game down, Mirage would go down.

So, then the natural question is – how will I make any money? Honestly, I’m not sure. There are different ways and each has their merits / downsides. There’s the subscription model where you pay a set amount a month for access to areas and content other free players don’t have, which is tried and tested with games like Tibia. There’s also the more common mobile model which involves me offering cosmetic items and bits like that in exchange for small amounts of money, which is also fairly accepted as standard these days. These are both viable methods of generating income, and I may use one or both of them in the future.

There’s another option, one that content creators are now starting to use a lot more frequently, and that’s allowing people to commit to monthly donations via a service called Patreon. The idea of Patreon is that content creators (in this case me) consistently put out whatever our form of content is (in my case it’s updates to the game), and in return people who like what I’m doing can commit to throwing a few dollars, pounds, whatever per month to support them. This is typically used for stuff like youtubers, streamers, webcomics and that kind of thing, but I’d like to see if we can apply it to an MMORPG. If successful, it would mean the game could remain 100% completely free – I wouldn’t make tonnes of money, but I might just make enough to get by and go full time developing Mirage which is at this stage my number one priority.

If you want to support me through the Alpha development and help me work towards going full time on the game, please go and check out the game’s patreon page over at:


You can donate as little or as much as you like, and the cumulative effect of lots of people donating small amounts can be really, really effective. If everyone who logged in yesterday donated $5, I could quit my job tomorrow and afford to work on the game for an entire year for free. That’d be more updates, more content, more everything! If this doesn’t work, it’s not the end of the world, we’ll try something else – please don’t feel pressured into giving money 🙂 I’ve added a donate link to the website header in an effort to increase visibility… let’s see how this goes.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has changed. A few weeks ago I deployed the first big world update, this has replaced the original test world map with the start of the actual in-game world map, and a lot of new monsters and items. Since then I have introduced currency, some bosses just for a bit of a laugh, extended the window hunting grounds, and balanced the monster experience. We’ve now got just under 3000 active players, and our current record is 83 online at once, with an average of 20 – 50 at all times! I haven’t had an opportunity to really play this myself aside from the pre-launch testing, but here’s a look at some of the new graphics in the game (keep in mind all the screenshots in this post are from the developmental desktop client, so the scaling of fonts may look a bit off).

Spiders are now more spidery

Improved stats screen

Something that has been raised a lot is “Liam, my items don’t affect my stats”. They do, your stats screen was just rubbish and didn’t relay this information back to you. In an effort to make this a bit more obvious, equipment modifiers are now shown on the stats screen, and a few things like Armour and Block % have been added too.


Equipment modifiers are now shown as + modifiers

New chat channels

One of the things that was becoming a real issue as the player base starts to grow was the fact the game only had one chat channel. This was causing tension between people speaking different languages and was messy as people trying to talk to each other in the game world were globally broadcasting their conversation. I’ve implemented a “quick” fix of a few new channels, but this will be ripped out and replaced with a better system in the future as it was rushed and isn’t particularly great.


There are now 3 channels, though this will be reworked in the future

Unique sprites

It got a bit boring everyone looking 100% identical didn’t it? The first step towards bringing some customisation into the game was fairly obvious, so each class now has a unique sprite and back item to make them easy to recognise in game.


Knight, Mage, Ranger

Appearance editor

This has been requested almost daily since the game first went into alpha, and is an obvious thing to add. At the moment there aren’t exactly loads of different looks to choose from for each class, but I’ll build on these appearances over time. You will start with a load of hairstyles and such, and be able to unlock new back items and colours through doing various things in game.


Finally, a bit of customisation

General change log

So the world rework from scratch took a huge amount of time, this has meant I haven’t been able to put as much time into coding new features as I would have liked. Nevertheless there’s been a bunch of changes since the last post and as usual here’s a bullet point list of all of the changes that have gone in since the last post:

  • Respawn points added near large hunting areas
  • New characters start with potions and food
  • Base capacity increased by 100
  • Potions implemented
  • Currency added
  • New maps, items, monsters, balance, the whole lot
  • Drop rates reduced
  • Fix for camera offset issue when rotating phone axis at the edge of maps
  • Increased the drop rates of many of the earlier items
  • Character naming restrictions added
  • Banning is now permanent
  • Addition of chat channels
  • Three bosses added, just for a bit of fun
  • Significant stability improvements to the server
  • Fix for trading the same stacked items
  • Fix for dead player sprites not showing their back item
  • Trades are now cancelled on player warp
  • Stats screen now shows equipment modifiers
  • Stats screen now shows armour and block %
  • Ranger and Mage sprites added
  • First sweep of the appearance editor
  • Fixes for a few visual mistakes in the client
  • Fix for client crash when trying to connect with no network

I realise everyone is waiting for things like spells, shops and new items, and these are the next things that are being added, but please appreciate I am just one man – I am putting maybe 95% of my free time into developing the game at the moment (the other 5% is spent sleeping), it’s just a hell of  a lot of work so you are going to need to trust me and have patience. The next update will be October the first. On a side note, the community has started a wikia which you can find and contribute too here.

Cheers 🙂

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Hello everyone,

There have been a series of updates over the last week or so that I’d like to briefly cover here today so there’s a record of our progress 🙂 Firstly, let’s talk about how the Alpha test is going so far…


Consty getting obliterated

At peak times we’ve seen up to 54 players online at once, and though it’s been crowded, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been fixing issues both client and server side as they arise, and scanning the server logs constantly for new problems to address – I’d consider the game pretty stable at this point. We’ve had issues with griefing, namely people blocking or creating offensive names, and I’ve addressed these in a variety of ways.

Egon and Arkk are now community moderators, you will see them in game at the top of the “whos online” list with CM infront of their name, they are able to kick and ban players for being distruptive but also don’t bite so say hello if you see them 🙂 With regards to blocking, if players are not in combat you can trade places with them by walking against them for 3 seconds – this should prevent people from blocking passageways and such.

New player-to-player trade system

You can now swap items with other players thanks to the trade system. You will now see a new button on your client that is by default half invisible, when you target either a player or an NPC this button will highlight and show their sprite, colouring itself depending on their remaining HP. If you have a player selected, pressing this button will show you their level and present you with a trade option, if they aren’t busy (in a menu or in combat) this will ask them if they would like to trade with you, and if they accept the trade system is opened. You can then select which items you wish to trade and make an offer.


It’s basic at the moment but it’s a start

In combat, and new status symbols

When your character is attacking something, or you are being attacked by something else, you are now flagged as being in combat. When you are in combat a few things happen – your health stops regenerating (your mana continues to regenerate), and other players cannot perform any disruptive actions on you such as pushing or requesting trades. Soon, you won’t be able to log your character out of the game when they are in combat, but I felt it was unfair to introduce this before we have potions. In addition, I’ve added a new status section to the user interface that notifies you if you are in a safe zone, in combat, or getting hungry. This can be seen below the health and mana bars at the top left of the screen.


Here we are both in combat and feeling hungry

Change log

As a lot has changed since the last news post, I’m going to bullet point the rest of the additions below for reference.

  • Addition of a new contextual targeting system, target is shown on a new button
  • PVP has been disabled for the time being, targeted players are “friendly”
  • Fix for players cheating death using stairs
  • Implementation of a new player-to-player trade system
  • Trade requests are now rejected as “busy” if the player has a different screen open
  • Fix for target view showing the player’s level rather than the target’s
  • Players can now be targeted in safe zones
  • Fix for trade items not stacking
  • Target requests are no longer sent for NPCs if the player is in a safe zone
  • Regen changed to 1% of max health per second if this ratio exceeds the base class regen
  • Players are now flagged as “in combat” and no longer regenerate health
  • Trades can no longer be initiated by players in-combat
  • NPCs now attack back if attacked and they can’t see their attacker
  • Significant server-side engine modifications for stability
  • Status symbol section added that displays safe zone, in combat, and hunger
  • New items, expanded maps, new boss “Consty”
  • Implementation of command system for game administrators and moderators
  • Players will no longer get “stuck” in combat if the NPC targeting them switches target due to inability to path to their target
  • Moderators and game masters are now clearly shown in the chat
  • Addition of kick and ban commands
  • Fixes for the chat system scrolling incorrectly at times
  • Implementation of “message of the day” when players connect
  • “players online” record added, server-wide notification sent when this record is broken
  • Improved server shutdown notification
  • Basic profanity filter on character names
  • Fix for multi-line chat messages not being scrolled all the way

The “significant server-side engine modifications for stability” section represents about 100 hours of work and has dramatically tightened the server code up, eliminating the odd crashes we were sometimes getting. I know bullet points like that are boring, but at this stage they are the most important, as it doesn’t matter how great the features of the game are if it isn’t online ^_^;

I’m a bit bashed up from the accident but I’m fine, I’m splitting my time between resting, sleeping for 15 hours stints, and flicking through the code as and when I have the energy. The pace of updates will slow for a few days as I hope you’ll understand, but I’ll get back on it as soon as I’m ready. Cheers everyone,


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Hello everyone,

Liam here. Just to let the community know I was involved in a car accident last night and am going to take a few days to recover so that means no updates for a little while. I’m fine, just a bit battered and bruised – my car on the other hand…


Good bye green fiesta, you will be missed

I will continue to work on the game once again at some stage next week. Thanks for your understanding 🙂


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The alpha server is going great with new players finding the game on the store (how are you guys finding us? We aren’t released!) every day we have a cool little player base of people testing. With this, the latest mid week patch has gone live, here are the release notes:

Expanded world, monsters and items

In an effort to give you guys a bit more to do while you are testing, the world has doubled in size and new monsters and items have been added. Beware, you will need to work with other players to survive in the new region…


You guys have been demolishing the new content! (phone screenshot)

Food and health regeneration

An obvious issue from the day we went into alpha has been the inability to heal, this has been rectified with the new “nourishment” mechanic. You can now loot food which can be eaten and has a nourishment value which is measured in minutes. While you are nourished your character will regenerate a set amount of health and mana every 10 seconds depending on it’s class. Knights are 4hp, Rangers 3hp, and Mages 2hp. You can be nourished for up to 60 minutes, and can check how full you are in the Stats section.


Food glorious food

New global chat

What use is an MMORPG without communication. The new chat is colour coded so you know what class people are, multi-line messages are now also indented for readability and there’s no more dodgey scrolling bugs (that I know of!)


Chatting with some of the testers (phone screenshot)

In addition to the more obvious visual changes, a number of important gameplay tweaks and fixes have been made. If you are actively playing and testing the game, I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to try and specifically test some of these for me:

  • Fix for a fatal server crash condition that would make it look like you were alone in the world when you logged in
  • Trolls now drop “meat”
  • Mana, Nourishment and Experience is now updated live in the stat screen
  • Fix for inventory tooltip issue when deleting items
  • Monsters now attack the closest player
  • Monsters now look for new targets when walking home or if blocked
  • Smart “back button” handling added in-game, no more accidental closes
  • Fix for being able to overflow nourishment by 4 minutes
  • World expansion, new items, monsters and places to explore 🙂

The next patch will be going live at the weekend, and will be primarily about upgrading and building on the combat mechanics we already have in-game. Mages are seeing some big changes, as is ranged combat in general. I look forward to seeing what you guys think, see you soon.


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Hello everyone!

It’s with great excitement I announce today the Mirage Realms open Alpha has launched in the app store! You can find it here, or by searching Mirage Realms in the Play Store on your phone. I’m also putting an App store link along the top of the website for good measure! So what’s been going on?

Overview of major changes


The user interface has been totally redesigned!

Well, to tell you the truth, so much has been added since my last news post it’s a bit of a fools errand at this stage going over it all. Looking at when I last posted, I’ll try and scan over some of the larger things that have changed:

  • There are now 3 classes, Knight, Mage and Ranger – each use a different weapon and skill
  • Items are now a thing, items can be stackable
  • Full loot and inventory system. Monsters drop loot bags that can be opened and taken. Kill monsters, loot stuffs.
  • Client look and feel redesign to be much friendlier and brighter on mobile devices
  • Capacity / weight system, Items have a weight and you gain 10 capacity per level
  • Auto attacks are now tied to weapons, equip a bow to shoot arrows, equip a staff to throw fireballs, etc
  • Full equipment system, items can modify all player stats when worn
  • Rewrite of skill system and all combat equations, different stats apply to different types of damage output / defence
  • The equipment screen now actively compares items from the inventory with the equipped item, displaying the differences
  • Chat messages now appear over peoples heads
  • Character creation and selection screens have been redesigned
  • Vocations now have colours, and their primary damage type is associated with that colour. Cyan for knight, Orange for mage, Pink for ranger
  • Online list added, chat system revamped
  • lot of server side improvements, fixes, logging, optimisations, yada yada boring 🙂
  • Significantly increased world size, addition of a full set of items for you to loot and equip
  • You can now destroy Items you no longer want

There are all sorts of other bits and bobs that have changed but thats the gist of it. It’s weird bullet pointing stuff like this, some of those bullet points took me two weeks to implement, doesn’t seem all that impressive in a list. Anyhow, screenshot time.


So first things first then, the inventory is here! Rather than restricting players to an arbitrary number of items they can pick up I decided to go with a capacity system. This means each Item has a weight assigned to it, and players have a set capacity they can carry. This capacity increases by 10 every level you gain, so the higher level you are the more stuff you can carry. Simples! Selecting an item displays it’s stats and gives you contextual options, at the moment you can only destroy Items but trading and such will come soon.


Look at my cap, nearly full :O


What use is an inventory with no Items? When a Monster is killed it now rolls for everyone that hit it, and everyone gets their own individual experience and loot bags. You can only see your loot bags so there’s no contention there. When you press a loot bag it will present you with the above screen and you can select what you would like to pick up. This screen tells you your current cap usage and adjusts to show you what effect picking up the selected items will have on your inventory!


Sweet, got a new armour piece – thanks mr Troll


Which brings us neatly to the equipment screen. Once you’ve looted stuff, you may find yourself wanting to wear it. The equipment screen presents you with your worn items in the section on the left, here you can select a slot to view the stats of what is currently equipped and also any Items from your inventory that you can replace it with. Selecting an Item in the inventory section will show you a comparison tooltip at the bottom showing you the effect equipping it will have on your stats, as well as any contextual actions. Equip is the only contextual action here at this stage so it’s nice and simple.


My precious


The chat screen has also seen some upgrades, it now provides you with a list of everyone online. This list is sorted alphabetically and peoples names are coloured according to their class so you can tell at a glance who is a Mage and what have you. When you say something, if anyone is stood around you they will see your message appear above your characters head for 5 seconds so you can get peoples attention in the game world if you want to talk to them!


Me attempting to communicate with one of our very first players ^^


Finally the stats screen has seen a bunch of work. The stats are now coloured according to the class they are primarily intended for, and behind the scenes over on the server side a lot of work has gone into the equations that decide how these stats rise and what affect they have on your damage and such.


World first level 7 muahaha… is that like less than 1% from magic 15?

Look and feel

All of the game screens have had a revamp in an effort to make everything less… gloomy and bland. The character creation process being the first experience people have with the game, I felt it was important it didn’t get left too far behind while so much was being added to the engine. It’s still super basic, but its looking much nicer than it was in my last news post. In addition, there’s now a “remember me” option when you login so you don’t even have to see the login screen anymore if you don’t want too, the game will take you straight through to character selection.


Looking good 😀


That’s it for now. The game will be receiving weekly updates deployed to the app store, currently the main focus is on features and engine changes rather than making a big push for content and maps, though I’ll try and add some new items, monsters and areas to test play around with each week so continuous testers don’t get too bored. Coming next is food and hunger so you can regenerate health and Mana, after that… well, you’ll find out when the update hits next friday 🙂 I really hope to see you online and please take the time to let me know what you like / hate about the game so far in the forums, it’s super helpful.

See you in game!

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As promised it’s time for a post outlining some of the changes that have gone in since I have been back in the UK. This is going to be a long post with lots of screenshots, though I will try and keep it as concise as possible as nobody wants to read 3 paragraphs about network packet sizes. With that in mind, I’m just going to skirt over some of the performance improvements that have gone in as a significant amount of time has been spent on improvements in this area.

All screenshots in this post were taken using a special debug android client running on my PC, I’m aware the in-game text for player names and such has scaled funny, please ignore that 😉


  • Rewrite of map loading, transitions between areas are now twice as fast
  • Complete rewrite of the engine’s sprite rendering system, significant improvements here
  • Removal of raycasting lighting engine (60% flat performance increase on Android, batteries everywhere rejoice)
  • Player movement smoothed out, merge of sprite movement and animation systems
  • Fix for a long-standing bug in the entity system, large reduction in garbage collection in busy zones
  • Sprite culling implemented, performance and battery life improvement on Android
  • Significant reduction in network packet sizes due to large crack-down on using the smallest types
  • Implementation of packet-batching where possible, large network usage reduction on joining new zones
  • Everything (UI, fonts, sprites, effects) is now in a single texture atlas, less texture binds all round

TLDR; The game is now running better than ever, it’s starting to feel like an engine.



One of the new character creation screens

With an online game in any capacity, I’ve always felt I like to be able to customise how I look. During the overhaul of the sprite render system, I implemented the ability for sprites to be made from several layers. This allows us to split our sprites into different sections we would like to be able to colour differently, as well as build sprites from several pieces. You will be able to choose the colour of your armour and hair, as well as your haircut / helmet and an addon to wear on your back. Addons, armour sprites and hair / helmet sprites will be earned through completing different tasks or quests, though you’ll start with a variety.

Different addons, colours and helmets / hairstyles are now in-game


At launch the game will support three different classes for you to play. These will represent the three main archetypes we look for when playing a fantasy game, you have the Knight who can take a beating and deal out melee damage, the Mage who deals with elemental magic and the Brigand (name subject to change) who uses ranged weapons and has a pet. The basic system has been implemented in game and is now part of character creation, with different classes receiving different bonuses when they level up and skill advancement speeds being tailored to their playstyles.


The (very basic) vocation selector at character creation

Basic Alpha UI

As I sort of teased with the last news post, we’ve started to get on top of the basic in-game layout. Obviously the look and feel of our entire UI is placeholder, but the placement and proportion of the different widgets as well as their functionality is not. The weird analogue square has gone in favour of a d-pad, we now have experience, health and mana bars, as well as buttons for the chat, inventory, and main game menu. The d-pad fades out when it’s not being used (as shown below) but fades in with a thumb indicator when you are pressing it. The experience bar is placed on the left to further increase the distance between your thumb and the touch buttons on your phone, this will be tweakable in the settings further down the line so you can have it and the d-pad on whichever side you like.


Stats and Experience

Wouldn’t be much of a classic MMORPG without levels, skills and experience now would it! Well, good news, we have now implemented the core systems that allow your characters to gain experience and level up. Depending on your vocation, you gain a different amount of Stamina (health) and Spirit (mana) each level, and your level is used in the games damage calculations so you will grow slightly stronger just through leveling alone. In addition to this, we have implemented the basic skills: MeleeDistanceDefence, and Magic. These skills directly affect the damage you put out and receive, and they level up individually the more you do them. This is all in the database and functioning 100%, it’s already mildly addictive just being able to run around battering everything and getting stronger 😀 There is a stats overview in the inventory menu if you want to check how your vitals are doing.


The basic skills overview screen

In addition, as you would expect, whenever you kill an enemy that yields experience it will raise above your character in white text. At the moment NPCs can now be ‘tagged’ by players and everyone that hits then will receive full experience for the kill – this is obviously a bit short sighted and will be further iterated on later but the basic mechanism is in.


10 whole experience points, woo

Finally, if you receive any kind of skill or level advance, we feel it’s only fair everyone knows you are kicking ass so everyone around you (including yourself) will see it rise above your character in cyan. Stuff like experience gains aren’t broadcast as we don’t think anyone else cares that you just got 10 exp and we want to send as little as possible to everyone’s phones, but this is the exception.


Yay, I now hit marginally harder with bows


What’s the point in killing everything if you can’t take it’s stuff right? NPCs now have loot tables and will roll on them for everyone who has ‘tagged’ an enemy and is eligible for experience points. Everyone gets their own loot rolls and their own loot so teaming up with other players is great as there’s no disadvantage when it comes to loot drops. If an NPC drops you some sweet items, you will see a bag drop on its corpse, only you will see the bag and nobody else can take it so there’s no contention there. At present you can’t actually pick the loot up, that’s being worked on.


The golden bags mean there’s some loot for me to pick up


You are going to need somewhere to store all that loot. This is very much a work in progress and subject to change, but our idea is to work on a cap (capacity) system, letting you pick up as many items as you can carry. Players will start with a given capacity, and this will increase each time you level up. Your inventory will be automatically organised into sections so you don’t have to squint at a wall of item icons to try and find your sword of a thousand truths hidden among some rat hides and cheesy poofs.


The core inventory layout is in, still needs a lot of work though

Developer tools

As the game gets more complex and more systems go in, we are getting closer to the point where we are going to have to manage a game world, a growing world that will require constant additions, tweaks and fixes. To make this as painless as possible I feel it’s really important we have some easy tools to work with, so I took some time to put together some tools to manage Items, NPCs and their subsequent loot tables. This toolkit will grow as more is added to the game, but already I’ve found it extremely useful and it will allow me to bring others on board to help later down the line without having to subject them to Java / XML editing. I know this stuff is largely just for me, but I figure it shows you guys I’m trying to do this right.


The new NPC editor


And that brings me to the end of my June update news! It’s been a productive month but there is still so much left to do before this starts to resemble anything close to a coherent, playable experience. Although there’s been a lot of work done here, I had hoped to achieve more… unfortunately I broke my heel a few weeks ago and the pain / lifestyle impact has had an effect on my morale and work ethic that’s resulted in spending days in bed watching netflix rather than at the PC coding.


At least I have a sweet abstract fox on it

So that’s it for now, you can expect an update of similar proportions at the end of next month – at which point the private Alpha will be going live. If you would like to be in the private alpha, please leave a message on the forum in response to this news post and I will contact you individually with the details. If you know me personally, just drop me an email / skype message and I’ll get you added to the list. Additionally, if you would like to get involved with the project in any capacity, get in touch on the forums – help is very welcome at this stage!

See you next month.

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As I’m back in the UK and ready to start working on the game pretty much full time, I thought I’d just post a little update so everyone knows we are alive 🙂

Screenshot from my phone

There has been a tonne of work done since the last update, but I’m going to hold back on the details until the end of next month when I’ll post a full review of everything that’s changed, as well as providing information on how you can get access to the Alpha. For now, I leave you with a random screenshot on my phone so you can play spot the difference. I know my phone screenshots scale weird, but it’s sharp on the device itself. Likely something to do with the DPI at a guess.

See you at the end of June!

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Hello everyone,

Next week is my last week at work before going full time on Mirage, meaning we are close to this thing taking off! I am away for 3 weeks of May, then it’s all systems go. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious, but I remain convinced this is the right thing for me to be doing. Even if it fails, I have to find out for myself 🙂 There has been little progress on the game since my last update, I’ve been focusing on getting things finished up at work and getting RL things in place ready for throwing myself into this project at the end of May.



What I can tell you is that the map transitions are now running smoother on the mobile platform, healing has been implemented, and that player death/ respawn and world persistence is now implemented. You now login where you logged out and your vitals are saved, and if you happen to die your client ‘freezes’ so you can take in the situation, presenting you with a respawn button that sends you to your last discovered portal checkpoint. I’ve also added some cool teleportation ‘poof’ affects so when people login / out they poof in and out, and NPCs respawning in also share this effect.

Next on the agenda looks to be implementing items and loot tables for NPCs (as you can see if you head over to our trello), I will be tackling this head on when I get back in the UK at the end of May! Exciting times ahead, I am looking to deploy the first closed alpha test on the Android market at the end of June, details on how to be invited to this will be released closer to the time, I’m releasing it as a closed alpha first so I can get a guage for early and obvious bugs as well as an idea of how the server performs under small load (rather than the wrath of the Android playerbase), there are no requirements to join this test other than you’d like to play 🙂

Expect a blog update of epic proportions and details on how to get involved around mid-June! If you want to keep an eye on progress in the mean time, you can track progress in real time on our trello and will be able to watch the sparks fly starting from the end of May.

As a side note, I am desperately searching for a pixel artist interested in the project, please message me on the forum if you would like to get involved – be aware this is a solo project at this stage and I am funding it from my own savings, I can’t afford to pay the same rates as Blizzard 😉

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